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A Happy Start! We believe that the stage of entry into school is one of the most important steps a child takes. Our objective is to make this experience a joyous one, rich with experiences and wonderment as the journey of learning begins. The pre-primary curriculum revolves around the developmental domains of early childhood years. It exposes children to the world of technology and is integrated with activity based learning. The curriculum balances autonomous and teacher – led learning perfectly. It is rich with diverse activities such as Energy & Exercises for well-being of body and mind, and Music & Movement. Learning happens in every area of the school – indoors and outdoors. At Thar, we respect the individuality and uniqueness of every child and believe that education is a perfect amalgamation of values and life skills.

The primary curriculum focuses on developing the whole child. Our integrated and experiential lessons are designed around some of the latest educational research. We aim to develop each child’s IQ, EQ and SQ through a variety of multi-sensory activities each day. Children are encouraged to be expressive and creative through experiential lessons in the classroom and out. Our core academic standards are derived from a variety of rigorous international sources. Science, mathematics, and English are taught daily. All of the core subjects are introduced in the thematic approach. The essential skills from these subjects are then explicitly taught during the daily proficiency lessons in mathematics and English. Students will be working on individual learning programs in mathematics and English across all grades. This approach enables all of the students to grow and thrive confidently in and a safe and supportive environment. Another aspect of the primary course is to develop entrepreneurial and leadership skills. This is achieved through a variety of programs and projects built into the yearly program. Students work on community based projects to strengthen the understanding of helping others and inviting people from all walks of life into the school to work with the class on real life projects that relate to careers and businesses in the community.

Students are welcomed into an environment that is engaging, challenging, inspiring, and nurturing; learning experiences are created that foster inspiration, promote the development of a core set of academic skills and learning habits, and that encourage students to explore and identify their core values and passions. More than preparing students for high school, our Middle School program focuses on a whole child approach that supports the special needs of middle years students; students are engaged in learning and community life, challenged intellectually and academically, and supported by passionate, nurturing, and inspired adults. Our curriculum is strongly rooted in internationally recognised learning outcomes, and we use these outcomes to drive our instruction. Traditional timetables have been replaced by a more fluid schedule to meet the needs of the students and the themes being studied. Our thematic instruction is supported by a strong arts program that includes visual and performing arts, and the collaboration helps to provide students with rich experiential learning opportunities that are thematic across the curriculum, inquiry-based, and designed to fully engage the multitude of intelligences and learning styles. Learning outcomes include relevant projects and presentations that meet real needs in the local and/or global community, and can be shared with authentic audiences in school, community-wide, and beyond.

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