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Standard Syllabus Based on CBSE

CBSE board is specified as a prestigious educational board of India as it evaluates students’ learning needs from time to time and according to that, it amends its syllabus and consequently, it makes necessary changes in other learning resources including worksheets and question papers. Moreover, CBSE board maintains a trustworthy aspect in all manners. Most importantly, it keeps its syllabus updated with all current information and hence, students, who are pursuing their studies under this board, can also keep themselves updated in all respects. Moreover, CBSE syllabus is quite worthwhile for students as all important topics are incorporated in each CBSE syllabus in a sequential manner. The board sets its each syllabus in such a way that can provide a thorough knowledge about any subject as per students’ standard. Therefore, by following CBSE syllabus rigorously, students become prepared for any competitive exams.

Well Equipped Computer Lab

The well-equipped Computer Labs have Personal Computers in each with the latest configurations. The labs can accommodate 35 students at a time with central arrangement of writing tables and computer tables with storage facility along the four walls of the room. All computers are locally connected along with Broadband Internet connectivity. The lab also provides Multimedia and graphics facilities. The lab is equipped with audio-visual devices.

Exclusively English Medium School

Thar school uses English as the primary medium of education and communication.

Well Qualified Teachers From Different Parts of India and Abroad

One of the most important factors in raising student achievement is a highly qualified teacher. Research shows that teacher subject-matter knowledge is greatly associated with student learning. In this era of high standards and high expectations, having a highly qualified teacher has never been more important. The belief that schools are going to educate every child is so widely accepted now that it is easy to forget that schools were not always expected to bring every child to high standards of performance. Keeping this in mind we have well qualified teachers in our school to make our students ready for each and every competition. Education advisors: We have highly experienced and educated advisors from TT College Columbia(USA).

Horse Riding

Horse Riding is a sport! Children as young as four years enjoy this activity at Thar. The weekly sessions thrill the children and their faces beam with joy and happiness. Each child takes a turn to complete the ride on horse-back, equipped with protective gear. They hold the reins of the horse under the guidance of the trainer and enjoy the tranquility of a horse’s presence. Thar believes in giving the right riding guidance at this stage as an important step in the journey to becoming a better rider. As well as developing riding skills, balance and co-ordination, children learn to love and respect animals.

Regular Teacher's Training Programmes and Workshops

Our school invites a number of international Educators to conduct teachers' training workshops. Today, in the information/internet age, teachers need to upgrade their skills on a regular basis. Teaching needs to be replaced by learning. It is our mission to provide teachers with the skills necessary to educate students in the emerging information age, and focus on the context in addition to the content. Thus the role of a teacher changes to that of a motivator, counsellor and facilitate information gathering rather than an absolute authority .What students need to be taught is how and where to get the information, and how to use that information in real life, rather than rote learning or cramming. Learning should become more experimental and more meaningful.

Swimming Pool

Swimming is found to be one of the most preferred recreational activities offered to the children at Thar School. During summers, swimming lessons are a compulsory part of the curriculum. Students are escorted by their teachers, along with the support staff, to ensure complete safety. The swimming coach trains the children in groups or individually as required. He is responsible for conducting all swimming lessons and ensuring that all health and safety measures are followed by the children.

Bus and Hostel

The hostels in our campus are designed to provide an ideal environment conducive for academic pursuit. All the hostels are provided with dining halls, uninterrupted water supply, reading halls, round the clock STD, ISD booths, Internet connection, indoor recreation, television, and round the clock medical facility. Vehicles are arranged for inmates to visit the city on Sundays and other holidays. The hostel facilities help students feel at home and enable them to pursue their studies in a peaceful and comfortable atmosphere. The library is open till 5 p.m. every day and book exhibitions are conducted in the campus. Internet Lab services are available till midnight and the canteen is open from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. A well-managed fleet of buses covers all major routes within the city to provide commutation services between the college and the students’ residence.

Audio Visuals: Projector And TV in Every Classroom

Our school has interactive whiteboards installed in every classroom. It was just in the last few years that this “initiative” was completed. Every classroom has a interactive whiteboard and projector. We think that as opposed to nothing, having a interactive whiteboard in your classroom is a great improvement. It helps teachers engage children, it jazzes up your lessons, it allows you to save what you write, and adds some interactivity to your classroom.


We offer gymnastics classes for kids of all ages; beginning with our Bouncing Babies (parent/tot) preschool classes all the way up to our Competitive Team programs. In our gymnastics classes, your child will be introduced to the 4 Olympic gymnastics events for girls and the 6 Olympic gymnastics events for boys. Our professional and enthusiastic staff will ensure that your child is learning in a fun and safe environment challenging both their mind and their physical fitness.
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